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Seller's FAQ

1 - Listing my items
1.1 - How to list a large number of items on SoComics.com?
First of all, you need to sign up on SoComics.com. Next, you need to register your seller profil and parameters to go to My account account.

To sell many items, use our function: Upload a csv/txt file.

Tip: When listing your items, give as much information as you can about them (serie, title, authors, publisher, description, picture) to increase your chances to sell.
1.2 - How do I determine the grading of a record (symbols M, EX, VG)?
Determine the grading of your item according to the nomenclature proposed by SoComics.com.
This classification is based on the international standard Goldmine and Record Collector Grading Systems.
1.3 - Does SoComics.com buy comics?
SoComics.com does not buy any comics. SoComics.com is a market place. We put together comics' dealers and buyers. As middle a man, we are never a comic book dealer and never have any comics.
You can though list your own comics on SoComics.com and start selling easily.
1.4 - How to set the price of an item ?
As a seller, you are the one who fixes the price of the items. If you need further information about the quoted value you can find it with booksellers, dedicated magazines and eventually on Web sites.

We strongly recommend that you set competitive prices and to check other sellers prices regularly. The more competitive your prices are the more chance you have to increase your sales.
1.5 - How do I set up my shipping fees?
On SoComics.com, the shipping fees are defined in advance (before buyers place orders). This system allows you to avoid having to calculate these fees at each availability confirmation of the order.

To define shipping methods and shipping fees that will be offered to buyers you have two options:

- Use the shipping methods and shipping fees grid set by SoComics.com for your country. Select option "I use the shipping methods and fees defined by SoComics.com for my country" in your account My account > My shop > Shipping fees.

- Use your own shipping methods and shipping fees grid. Select option "I define my personal shipping methods and shipping fees" in your account My account > My shop > Shipping fees.
1.6 - I want to make a commercial offer.
If you want to discount your items, offer coupons or offer other deals, please Contact our customer service.
2 - Managing my orders
2.1 - A buyer has placed an order, what am I supposed to do?
When you receive a new order :
1. You reveive an email to warn you.
2. Login your account My account > My sales > Orders to confirm.
3. Click on the new order.
4. Confirm availability for each item.
5. Submit.

When it's done, SoComics.com collects the payment of the buyer and gives you authorization to ship the parcel.

Don't send the parcel until we have collected the payment and informed you that you can ship.
2.2 - I made a mistake confirming availability.
When this happens, please Contact our customer service.
- If the payment was not already collected, we will reset your order.
- If the payment was already collected, we will issue a refund to the buyer.

[!] IMPORTANT: we ask you to be very careful when you confirm an order; make sure items are really available. We remind you that if you mistakenly confirm the availability and that we need to refund the buyer, the commission will still be due and deducted from your balance.
2.3 - I've had a pending order awaiting cashing for a while. What can I do?
Some payments are longer to come than others. Whereas it is very quick with credit card, paypal or bank transfer, it may take more time with check, cash, postal order.
Every day, we automatically remind the buyers to send their payment until they confirm that they sent it. Another reason for the waiting time could be that we are waiting for all the sellers involved in the same transaction to confirm the availability of their orders before starting the cashing process.

[!] IMPORTANT: we ask you to reserve the order for 1 month at least.
2.4 - Can I report my concern about the shipping/billing information of this order?
2.5 - Shipping fees don't match what I'm going to pay / I have paid.
There may be some slight variations which depend on the items and your packing.
You can request an adjustment of the shipping fees directly to the buyer on the availability confirmation page, in My account > My sales > Orders to confirm.

To avoid such problems, it is important that you select the automatic calculation system that best suits your needs.
2.6 - The buyer still hasn't confirmed the receipt of the order, what can I do?
Some buyers may take more time than others to confirm the receipt of their orders.
SoComics.com systematically reminds them by email.
If you are sure that the buyer has received the order, you may contact him/her directly via our messaging service.
2.7 - I wish to refund a customer.
Contact our customer service make sure to include in your message the motive as well as the amount to be refunded to the buyer.
2.8 - The parcel was returned to me, what can I do?
2.9 - I received a satisfaction mark which was not justified, what can I do?
3 - Receiving payment of my sales
3.1 - How do I get paid?
SoComics.com sends your payments by Bank transfer or Paypal (Please note that we don't transfer payments via Paypal for sellers belonging to SEPA - Single Euro Payments Area). Set your preferences in your account My account > My Balance > Sales Payment.
3.2 - What amount will I be payed for my sales?
The amount payable is recorded in the balance of your account. It is calculated as follows:

Total of received orders minus the commission. If the balance is equal or higher than the payment threshold, the payment is forwarded to the seller.

We only forward payment of the sales being confirmed as received by the buyer. If a buyer does not confirm the receipt of an order, we send a reminder every other day during the week prior to the date of automatic receipt to lead him/her to confirm manually. Without any registered complaint from him/her, if the buyer still hasn't confirmed at the automatic receipt date, the sale will be credited to your balance.
3.3 - When will I receive the payment of my sales?
SoComics.com forwards the payment of your sales once or twice a month.

Payment dates, based on working days, are staggered as follows:
- Between the 1st and the 5th day of each month.
- Between the 15th and the 20th day of each month.

Payment is transferred only if your balance is higher or equal to your payment threshold. This threshold is predefined by SoComics.com when you signup as a seller. You can update it yourself at any time. To do so, go to your account My account > My Balance > Sales Payment. In the payment threshold box, update the amount. On this page, you can also select the frequency of your payments.
3.4 - I still haven't received the payment of my sales.
First, please check in your account history if SoComics.com did send a payment of sales. If this is indeed the case, please check that the bank details listed in your account My account > My Balance > Sales Payment is correct.
Please note that for a bank transfer, payment can take 2 to 10 days.
3.5 - There is a problem in my account history, what can I do?
4 - Various
4.1 - Can I use my balance to pay for purchases?
Yes, you can use your balance to pay for orders.
First, activate the option (via email) on the order form.
Once the option is activated, when submitting your order, on the order form, simply select "payment with my balance" as your payment method.
Two options:
- If your balance is higher or equal to your purchase, confirm full payment with your balance.
- If your balance is lower than your purchase, you will have to select an additional payment method (credit/debit card, bank transfer, Paypal ...) to complete your payment.
4.2 - Why can't I issue any coupons?
Please note: to issue a coupon, your balance must be positive.

If you don't manage to issue a coupon, please Contact our customer service.
4.3 - Can I get a refund for an unused coupon?
If you made a mistake during the issuing of a coupon or if you don't want to use a self-issued coupon anymore, please Contact our customer service.
4.4 - I have a different problem about a specific order.
4.5 - I have a technical problem.
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