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Terms of use

SoComics.com belonging to the CD and LP - Music Web Service company, its functioning is governed by the terms of use of the CDandLP.com platform

1 - Definitions
The CDandLP Platform: means the organisational and functional structure set up by CDandLP that facilitates contact between Sellers and Buyers. It consists of CDandLP and its affiliated sites. These other sites are specialised in one or several types of music or those that use the Database provided by CDandLP.

Database: means the database of information provided by CDandLP which contains the Catalogues of Sellers as well as further consolidated and enhanced information within these Catalogues.

Catalogue: means the Catalogue(s) of Cultural Items offered by the Seller(s) on the Website.

Marketplace: means the way in which the Website is run in order to facilitate contact between Sellers and Buyers of new and/or second hand Cultural Items.

Partners: means partner sites on which CDandLP has placed all or part of its Database. Other Marketplaces, purchase guides and price comparison engines can be found on these sites.

Data: information which is textual, visual or sonorous submitted by Sellers as a description to the items for sale.

Cultural Items: means the goods belonging to the various categories and formats made available on the CDandLP Platform.

Member(s): means in the singular or plural a Seller, Buyer or a simple User of the Additional Services and who may use the CDandLP Platform upon acceptance of the Standard Terms and Conditions. All Members shall give accurate information regarding their identity, address and other information required to access the CDandLP Platform and undertake to update any modifications to this information. CDandLP is not responsible for the accuracy of this information. In order to have access to the CDandLP Platform, all Members must be over the age of 18 and have a valid delivery address.

Buyer: means a Member who accepts the Seller's offer.

Seller: means a Member who offers for sale a Cultural Item on the CDandLP Platform.

Sale Price: means the price offered by the Seller for the sale of his/her Cultural Item.
The Price is freely determined by the Seller.

Commission: means the commission received by CDandLP for the use of the Platform and as payment for its intermediary services.

Transaction Price: means the total price of the Cultural Item to be paid by the Buyer which includes the delivery costs.

Additional Services: means all services provided on the CDandLP Platform other than selling or facilitating contact for purchasing products.
2 - Purpose
The present Standard Terms and Conditions of CDandLP's Platform are to define the terms under which Members may use the Platform in order to make contact with other Members.
3 - CDandLP obligations
3.1 CDandLP commits to make Sellers' offers available to all Members of the CDandLP Platform. In case a Member does not respect the present Standard Terms and Conditions, CDandLP reserves the right to remove the offer of the Cultural Item concerned immediately.

3.2 Upon the acceptance by the Buyer of the Seller's offer, the confirmation by the Seller that the Cultural Item is available and after CDandLP has cleared payment of the Transaction Price, CDandLP will communicate the contact details of the Buyer to the Seller. Upon request, CDandLP will communicate the Seller's contact details to the Buyer.

3.3 CDandLP facilitates contact between the Seller and the Buyer only. It shall remain a third party to any contract of sale concluded between the Seller and the Buyer.
4 - Member obligations
4.1 Upon registration, Members will choose a username and password which shall remain personal and confidential. The subscribed Member is solely authorised to use the CDandLP Platform with a username and password.
The Member commits not to choose any username violating the rights of a third party, infringing intellectual property rights by using a registered trade mark, a company name or the patronymic name of a third person.
The Member commits to provide CDandLP with accurate, current and complete information.
The Member shall not to create nor use several accounts; even under his/her own identity or the one of a third party. Any dispensation to this rule will have to be previously authorized by CDandLP. Any violation to this rule could lead to immediate termination of the access to the Platform, by closing the Member’s accounts.

4.2 The Member is solely responsible for the use of the CDandLP Platform in accordance with the present Standard terms and Conditions. It is especially forbidden to sell and/or to purchase, directly or indirectly, goods that are illegal or represent a breach of moral standards, as well as to use personal information to access the Website with a view to purchase and/or sell such goods. Furthermore, the Member is forbidden to knowingly sell or purchase Cultural Items that are unauthorised copies or counterfeit, as defined in the French Intellectual Property Code, or unauthorised products under French law. The Member shall inform CDandLP immediately upon discovery of such goods for sale on the CDandLP Platform. CDandLP reserves the right to inform the relevant authorities about any attempt to sell such goods on the CDandLP Platform. CDandLP reserves the right to delete non-conforming items from its DataBase.

4.3 The Member shall not provide anyone else with his/her username and/or password to access the Platform. In case the Member knows or suspects that someone else is accessing the Platform using his/ her username and password, the Member shall immediately inform CDandLP by email.

4.4 The Seller shall ensure that the Cultural Item on offer corresponds to a tangible and available item for which he/she holds legal ownership and has permission to sell. The Seller shall also ensure that the description of the item’s characteristics, features, capabilities, and quality corresponds to the actual features of the Cultural Item offered for sale.

4.5 The Buyer acknowledges the fact that his/ her acceptance of the offer is deemed valid in compliance with the description of the Cultural Item for sale and that it is represents a firm and irrevocable commitment to contract with the Seller under the conditions of the offer.

4.6 The sale is deemed complete between the Buyer and the Seller upon the Buyer's communication of their unconditional acceptance of the offer to the Seller and upon receipt by CDandLP of the final Transaction Price following the Seller’s confirmation of the availability of the Cultural Item.

4.7 Members agree not to make comments, propagate or disseminate in any form whatsoever content that contravenes the rights of others or that is defamatory, injurious, obscene, offensive, violent or inciting to violence, political, racist or xenophobic and, in general, any content that is contrary to the purpose of CDandLP, current rules and laws in force or acceptable norms and standards.

4.8 Members commit to accept and respect all the rules of the present Standard Terms as well as the procedures and guidelines gathered in the Help pages. CDandLP reserves the right to amend the procedures and guidelines of Help pages at any time without prior notification. A date of last updates will be displayed for members' information.
5 - Seller obligations
The Seller shall describe the Cultural Item in accordance with the presentation criteria set out by CDandLP. The Seller shall include, notably, the characteristics of the Cultural Item in accordance with the CDandLP online fields, the Sale Price and its current condition in accordance with the table for records grading provided by CDandLP. The Seller is solely responsible for establishing all elements of the offer, including any accessories. The Seller is solely responsible for any comment used to describe the Cultural Item under the heading provided for that purpose on the CDandLP Platform. The Seller guarantees CDandLP against any claim related to the content and form of the comments. The Seller shall validate, verify and add any necessary clarification to ensure that the description and the elements of the offer are accurate and are not misrepresentative to the Buyer. In the event of any error in the description and/or the elements in the offer, the Seller alone will assume any additional costs and no claim from the Seller with respect to that matter shall be accepted by CDandLP or the Buyer.
6 - Price and financial conditions
6.1 The Transaction Price includes:

a) The price of the Cultural Item(s) stated at the date when the advert is placed by the Seller;
b) The delivery costs set on a flat-rate basis according to the total weight (including package) or the format of the Cultural item and the number of Cultural Items ordered.

The price of the Cultural Item and delivery costs are displayed in Euros and inclusive of any applicable VAT.

6.2 In return for the use of the CDandLP Platform, the Seller shall allow CDandLP, upon acceptance of the offer by the Buyer and complete payment by the Buyer of the Transaction Price, to deduce from the Transaction Price a Commission calculated in accordance with the conditions set out in article 6.3.

The commission is due in all cases, except for the assumptions where the sale is refunded, because of a loss of the parcel or the breakage of the item by the conveyor.

6.3 The Seller shall only receive a sum equal to the price of the Cultural Items, plus the delivery costs, minus the Commission.
The calculation method for the commission charged by CDandLP and the terms of sales payment to the Seller are defined on the HELP page > Seller's Guide.
7 - Conclusion of the sale
7.1 The role and obligations of CDandLP

7.1.1 Once the sale has been concluded, CDandLP shall act as an agent for the Seller and, unless specifically agreed otherwise with the Seller, for the sole purposes of:

- opening an online account on the Website in accordance with the present conditions;
- depositing into this account the total price paid by the Buyer;
- processing the payment of the Transaction Price using the online secured payment system set up by CDandLP or by any other method which may be approved by CDandLP;
- processing the cashing, by any means, of the Transaction Price into a bank account in the name of CDandLP opened in a bank of its choice;
- giving satisfaction to the Buyer’s claims and returns addressed to CDandLP under the conditions and allocated times defined in Articles 7.3.4 and 8;
- refunding, if need be, the Transaction Price to the Buyer in case of non delivery of the Cultural Items notified to CDandLP in accordance with Article 7.3.4 or in case of a return by the Buyer in accordance with the Articles 7.3.4 and 8.

CDandLP's role as an agent shall end at the moment when the Seller receives the payment for the sale in his/her account or at the moment when the Buyer is refunded.

7.1.2 CDandLP is solely authorised to transfer the payment of the Transaction Price minus the commission to the Seller. CDandLP shall do this provided that the Transaction Price has been fully paid by the Buyer and cashed by CDandLP and:

- as soon as the Buyer confirms final delivery acceptance on the Website;
- or, in the event that the Buyer would not confirm the receipt of the Cultural Item, not later than not later than the deadlines indicated in our Help for Buyers and/or Help for Sellers, after the shipping date stated by the Seller, except in case of a claim or a return by the Buyer in accordance with Articles 7.3.4 and 8.

The Sellers have an online account where gains from their sales are deposited before payment from CDandLP. The Sellers may configure their account in such a way so as to indicate to CDandLP from which amount they wish to clear their account. Payment of the account is made, taking into consideration the parameters of the online account, by automatic bank transfer or deposit into a PayPal account.
The Seller hereby expressly acknowledges and accepts that in the event of a breach of the present Standard Terms, such as a non-delivery of the goods, a delivery of non-compliant goods, or a behaviour that might prejudice the Buyer, CDandLP reserves the right to deny the payment of the sales to the Seller and/or refund the price of the transaction to the Buyer and/or refund the commission to the Seller in case of a Buyer’s refund for non-receipt or breakage during transit.

7.1.3 In order to prevent fraudulent, illegal or inappropriate practices that might interfere with the smooth functioning of the transaction, CDandLP reserves the right to impose to the Buyer a particular payment method and/or to put a limit to his/her transactions either on their amount or on their frequency. CDandLP may not be held responsible should CDandLP prevent or delay the transaction’s fulfilment. CDandLP also reserves the right to postpone sales payment on the Seller’s bank account, in order to protect the Buyer from any fraud or detrimental conduct from the Seller or when the Buyer and/or the Seller have breached one or several terms of the present Standard Terms.

7.1.4 The Members acknowledge that CDandLP is not required to check and/or inform Members if VAT or any other tax applies to the sale of a Cultural Item from a Seller to a Buyer on the CDandLP Platform. CDandLP is not liable for the collection or the payment of VAT or any other tax related to the sale of a cultural item from a Seller to a Buyer on the CDandLP Platform.

7.1.5 Every year, during the first quarter, CDandLP sends an email message to each seller summing up the business volume they achieved the year before on the sites run by CDandLP.

The information provided corresponds to the achieved turnover minus CDandLP's fees.
The seller can check the detail of the information by going to My Account > My Balance > Account History

It is the responsibility of the individual seller to ensure that their activity falls within the scope of the general guidelines of the Commercial Legislation, the General Tax Code and the Labor Code which govern online sales by individuals.

If the seller practices as a professional on CDandLP, he must comply with applicable e-commerce laws.

7.2 Seller obligations

7.2.1 The Seller shall confirm or refuse his/her offer for sale within a maximum of 10 working days upon notification from CDandLP informing him/her that the Cultural Item offered on the CDandLP Platform found a Buyer. Failure to respond within 10 working days will terminate the offer for sale.

7.2.2 The Seller shall prepare, at his/her expense, the Cultural Item sufficiently packaged as soon as possible upon authorisation from CDandLP to send the package to the Buyer. The Seller shall bear the risks of sending the Cultural Item to the Buyer in an appropriately wrapped and secured parcel. The Seller commits to properly reproduce the delivery address conveyed by the Buyer.

7.2.3 The Seller shall not send to the Buyer, with the Cultural Item, any publicity material that either benefits him/herself or any other party in any form whatsoever (message, poster, prospectus, sticker etc).

7.2.4 The Seller shall produce for the Buyer an invoice for the sale of the Cultural Item in accordance with current legislation in force designating the Cultural Item sold and the Transaction Price.

7.2.5 The acknowledgement by the Seller of his/her acceptance is an indication to the Buyer to make payment to CDandLP under the terms of the second paragraph of Article 1277 of the French Civil Code. This indication confers on CDandLP the role of agent of the Seller and permits CDandLP to receive the Transaction Price and to carry out the tasks as defined in Article 7.1.1 above.

7.2.6 The Seller waivers any claim concerning the sum that may be produced by the non movement of sums received in his/her name and on his/her behalf by CDandLP, following a sale. The Seller accepts that payment of the Price may be postponed in case of a claim issued by the Buyer to CDandLP.

7.2.7 The Seller shall, from now on, accept claims and returns issued by the Buyer to CDandLP under the conditions of Articles 7.3.4 and 8. The Seller shall accept that, in case of claims or returns of Cultural Items by the Buyer under the aforementioned conditions of Articles 7.3.4 and 8, the Sale Price may be refunded to the Buyer without giving the Seller the right to payment of any amount which includes delivery costs paid by the Seller. In case of a Buyer claim concerning the non-delivery of a Cultural Item according to the Article 7.3.4, the Seller authorises CDandLP to refund the Transaction Price to the Buyer. Likewise, in case the Buyer returns the Cultural Item according to the Articles 7.3.4 and 8, the Seller authorises CDandLP to refund the Sale Price to the Buyer, and possibly the charges for the shipping and the return, after the receipt by the Seller of the returned item.

7.2.8 The Seller accepts that CDandLP will display on the Website marks and/or the average mark as well as the comments given to him/her by his/her co-contractors following the execution of contracts of sale as well as sales figures which are available for all users.

7.3 Buyer obligations

7.3.1 The Buyer will pay special attention to the address forwarded to the Seller when receiving the order summary. The Buyer is liable for any error in the delivery address entered and will assume all consequences. In the event of a loss of the package, no request for a refund from the Buyer will be accepted.

7.3.2 The fact that one or more Cultural Items ordered from one or more Sellers on the CDandLP Platform may not be available is not a valid reason to repudiate the order for all of the Cultural Items. The Buyer is bound by his/her acceptance of the offer for the other Cultural Items available.

7.3.3 At the date of delivery, the Buyer is required to confirm receipt of the Cultural Item(s) bought by giving an appreciation of the sale. The date of this appreciation acts as proof of the date of receipt of the Cultural Item. The appreciation must be carried out using the online appreciation form provided by the CDandLP Platform. The appreciation must be objective and honest. This appreciation is not submitted to any compensation. CDandLP reserves the right to delete any appreciation which does not respect these rules.

7.3.4 The Buyer commits to register a claim with CDandLP within the allocated time limit as from the notification of the order shipment. The allocated time to register a claim for non-delivery of the Cultural Item(s) ordered is available in our Help for Buyers and/or Help for Sellers.
Beyond this time limit, no claim, even in case of non-delivery, issued to CDandLP nor any return to CDandLP will be accepted seeing that CDandLP's role as agent will have expired. CDandLP shall make available to the Buyer an online claim form.
For some particular claims, we encourage the Buyer to contact the Seller directly via the messaging service available on CDandLP in order to settle the issue.

7.3.5 CDandLP may have, on an exceptional basis and with a view to combat potential fraud, to perform a validation of the Buyer’s identity. In the event of a delay in receiving the information requested by CDandLP or if the Buyer fails in providing sufficient information to CDandLP, CDandLP reserves the right to cancel or delay the fulfilment of the transaction placed by the Buyer. Personal data collected during this validation will be processed in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations on data protection and with CDandLP privacy policy.

7.3.6 The Buyer undertakes to respect all laws and regulations relating to the acquisition of Cultural Items. Moreover, Buyers are informed that Administration is likely to request from them the payment of VAT and customs duties at the time of the acquisition of Cultural Items ordered from Sellers located outside their country of residence or outside the zone exempted for duties where their country of residence is located (the E.U. for instance).
8 - Returns & right of withdrawal
8.1 The return of a Cultural Item that is reproducible (CD, Cassette, Vinyl record, Mini Disc, CD ROM, VHS, DVD) without a valid reason is prohibited. The return of a Cultural Item shall only be admitted if it is the object of a claim, registered within the time limit, with prior written authorisation from CDandLP and for the sole reason that the Cultural Item does not conform to the Seller's initial offer. If possible, there will be an exchange for a Cultural Item of the same make, with the same or a higher quality as per what the Seller has on stock. In case of unavailability of the Cultural Item, the Seller shall refund the Transaction Price. The return of the Cultural Item is at the expense of the Seller. Returns are carried out directly between the Buyer and the Seller to the address stipulated by the latter at the time of the dispatch of the Cultural Item.
The Buyer undertakes to return the Cultural Item to the Seller at a reasonable price for which he will prefer his residential country’s main postal service.
Shipping fees incurred by the Buyer for the return will not be accepted if higher than initially paid by the Seller for the same item - unless specifically authorised by CDandLP.

8.2 In case of a return of a Cultural Item by the Buyer and a request for a refund approved by CDandLP, CDandLP shall proceed with the refund of the Transaction Price following the Seller’s receipt of the Cultural Item, sent by the Buyer at the expense of the Seller. The Buyer shall sufficiently package the Cultural Item before shipping.

8.3 Once the Cultural Item has been returned by the Buyer to the Seller in accordance with the present conditions and the Transaction Price refunded to the Buyer, the Buyer waivers all proprietary and other rights over the Cultural Item.

8.4 The Cultural Item can be returned within 10 days at the latest after the confirmation of receipt from the Buyer and, in the absence of confirmation, within the deadlines provided in our Help for Buyers and/or Help for Sellers.

8.5 Right of Withdrawal.
When an item is purchased from a professional Seller who is specified as professional on the website, the Buyer has a right of withdrawal. This may only be applied within the seven days following the item’s receipt. The Buyer will need to notify CDandLP within this timeframe via the forms available on the website or by registered mail. CDandLP will then inform the Buyer about the terms for the item returning to the Seller. The item will have to be returned complete, in its original packaging, in a packaging identical to the one used for the shipment and within 14 days after CDandLP’s reply to the request. Withdrawal may not apply to reproducible items (CD, vinyl, DVD, VHS...) unless they are still sealed. When the right of withdrawal is exerted, the total amount paid by the Buyer for the order (item + shipping) is charged to the Seller (see the Article L121-20-1 of the Consumption Code modified by Law n°2008-3 called "Loi Chatel", on January 3rd 2008). Shipping fees for the return will be at the Buyer's expense.
9 - Responsibility
9.1 The Seller declares and guarantees having the right to hand over Product(s) sold, which he/she has not in any way sold, mortgaged, charged or more generally devolved in favour of a third party, and that the operations he/she is carrying out are not subject to violating the rights of a third party. The Seller confirms that, by placing the Cultural Item online, the sale respects legislation in force including the provisions of the French Intellectual Property Code and any other special legislation in force. Prior to placing any offer, the Seller will verify, if necessary, and notably by reviewing licences and conditions of use of the Cultural Items, that he/she is authorised to sell the Cultural Item. The Seller guarantees and will indemnify, upon request, CDandLP against any damage suffered by CDandLP and against any action in liability brought against CDandLP on the basis of an infringement of the rights of a third party. In the event of characterised fraud (fraudulent copies, concealment, illegal importing etc), CDandLP will communicate all information required, including personal information, to the relevant authorities dealing with the prevention of fraud.

9.2 CDandLP will not be held responsible for possible damage suffered by a Member, particularly any indirect damage such as, loss of sales or information. CDandLP will not be held responsible for any possible malfunction, breakdown, delay or interruption in accessing the Internet.

9.3 In accordance with the Conditions of Use of the CDandLP Platform, CDandLP's pecuniary responsibility shall not exceed the amount of the Transaction Price.

9.4 CDandLP is, under no circumstances, a retailer of Cultural Items, in the context of facilitating contact between Members, and does not take possession of the Cultural Items unless otherwise stated in the sales contract.

9.5 Professional and private Sellers who use the Marketplace are responsible for the cultural items they have acquired. Assignees will not hold CDandLP indebted for any
Royalty payments related to the new and second hand listed Cultural Items.

9.6 CDandLP cannot guarantee that the Cultural Item of the Seller will satisfy the Buyer. Likewise, CDandLP cannot guarantee to the Seller that the Cultural Item will not be returned or that the sale will not be terminated by the Buyer.
10 - Termination
10.1 The present contract is a contract of unlimited duration. As such, it may be terminated at any moment by CDandLP or by the Member by simple notification.

10.2 In the event of non-adherence by a Member to one of the obligations, CDandLP reserves the right to suppress or modify some information and to suspend the Member's access to the CDandLP Platform temporarily or permanently, without prior warning or compensation for the possible costs invested.

10.3 Suspension does not have retroactive effect. Therefore, despite a suspension for whatever reason, the Member remains bound by the payment of Commissions owed before the date of suspension in accordance with Article 6 for facilitating contact.

10.4 CDandLP reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any moment. The modified Terms of Use shall take effect at the time of their online publication on CDandLP Platform or following an email sent to the Member. As of this moment, by continuing to use our services, you agree to the updated general terms of use.
11 - Intellectual property
The Member expressly authorises CD and LP - Music Web Service to reproduce and represent on the Website or on partner websites information, data, text, software, music, sounds, photographs, images or video pictures used by the Member on the CDandLP Platform.

All information, data, text, software, music, sounds, photographs, images and video pictures contained on CDandLP as well as all elements created for the site are either the property of CD and LP - Music Web Service or CDandLP has been granted the right to use these elements. Members may not use these elements without prior consent of CD and LP - Music Web Service.

CDandLP is a registered trademark. All reproduction of CDandLP without prior express consent from CDandLP constitutes trademark infringement and may incur criminal and/or civil liability.

The CDandLP Platform is a database for the purposes of intellectual property. Any extraction or reuse of this database without the express consent of CD and LP - Music Web Service constitutes an infringement of the rights of database producers and a copyright infringement which may result in criminal and/or civil liability.
12 - Privacy policy
12.1 Personal information is protected. It shall not be sold nor loaned to third parties. CDandLP reserves the right to communicate this information in case of legal proceedings concerning the use of the CDandLP Platform.

12.2 The Sellers with whom Buyers have placed orders alone have access to the Buyer's personal information in order to facilitate the transaction and ensure delivery.

12.3 Upon subscription, CDandLP offers Members the possibility of receiving information emails from CDandLP.

12.4 Personal information may be updated via the Member's account.

12.5 CDandLP uses a secured technology to store personal information.

12.6 Personal information related to Members is collected, recorded and stored in accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978. Personal information storage is subject to a declaration made to the French Data Protection Office (CNIL), under number 817360. Members have a right to access, rectify or delete the information declared.

12.7 Members can withdraw their consent at any time, via the set up of their account parameters. For instance, Members can unsubscribe to the newsletter.
Members can update their data through their user account, so that the incorrect or incomplete information can be modified without delay.
Members are entitled to delete or erase their personal information under condition of our legal storing obligations.
Members are entitled to request a copy of their personal information, to request the portability of the personal data they have provided CDandLP.

All these requests can be sent to CDandLP via their account or by email message to rgpd@cdandlp.com

or by postal mail to the following address: RGPD, CDandLP, 46 rue de la télématique, Bâtiment "Le Polygone", 42000 Saint Etienne, France.

For all requests, CDandLP reserves the right to request an ID document. The requests will be processed within statutory time limits.

12.8 For an optimal functioning of the site, CDandLP uses cookies. See more detailed information about them here.
13 - General conditions
13.1 CDandLP reserves the right to modify the present Terms of use in the light of commercial adjustments and market changes. All modifications shall have immediate effect for online offers from the moment of their notification by CDandLP to the Members and by any means that CDandLP deems fit.

13.2 The Member will connect to the CDandLP Platform using its own equipment and internet connection. CDandLP shall not make available to the Member any equipment, telephone installations, software or subscription.

13.3 In case of force majeure, the obligations of the hindered party shall be suspended.

13.4 The invalidity of one or more clauses of the Standard Terms and Conditions for the use of the CDandLP Platform does not render the entire agreement invalid.

13.5 The present Standard Terms and Conditions are governed by French law. In case of dispute concerning the conclusion, execution, interpretation or termination of using the CDandLP Platform, the Parties will attempt to resolve it amicably. CDandLP will therefore provide Members with the following address to contact for claims, prior to any legal action taken:

CD and LP - Music Web Service
46 rue de la télématique
Bâtiment "Le Polygone"
42000 Saint Etienne
Tel : +33 (0)972 346 910 (voicemail service)
email : contact@cdandlp.com

If the dispute cannot be resolved amicably, the Parties agree to settle it at the competent court in SAINT ETIENNE (FRANCE).
14 - How to redeem a gift card
This version has been translated in English for your convenience only.
Be aware that only the French version prevails.

By purchasing or activating a Gift Card by CDandLP, you agree to be bound by this agreement and our Terms and Conditions.

1. How to purchase a Gift Card by CDandLP:

Gift cards by CDandLP can be purchased in EUROS only.
Payment methods for Gift Cards by CDandLP are the same as the ones available for the purchase of orders on the marketplace https://www.cdandlp.com/en/help-for-buyers Gift cards cannot be cancelled after cashing. No refund will be accepted.
Gift cards by CDandLP can only be used on CDandLP or GrooveCollector.

2. How to send a Gift Card by CDandLP:

There are two ways of sending Gift Cards to the recipient:

- by email: CDandLP will send it directly to the recipient.

- by printing it : you will be in charge of giving the paper version to the recipient.

CDandLP does not send any Gift Card by postal mail.

3. How to credit a Gift Card by CDandLP:

Gift Cards by CDandLP are issued with a unique code.

This code expires 3 months after the payment of the Gift Card.
Our system will refuse any attempt to enter the code after 3 months.

The recipient of the Gift Card credits the amount of the card on its balance by entering the code in the provided field in the following section : My Account > Gift Card My account

Once the code properly entered by the recipient, CDandLP will automatically add the amount of the Gift Card to the balance.

Under no circumstances shall the amount of the Gift Card by CDandLP be refunded on the recipient's bank or PayPal account, nor on another CDandLP user account.

Once CDandLP has credited the balance with the amount of the card, the recipient has no limit in time to use the balance. The recipient can split the received amount into several payments.

3. How to pay with a Gift Card by CDandLP:

At the check out, select the following payment method: "account balance" to pay the entire or part of the order.

If the amount of your order is less important than the existing balance, the difference will be saved in your balance for a future purchase.
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